Access rules and code of conduct


Tickets to the Hortensia Herrero Art Centre (hereinafter, “CAHH” and/or the “Centre”) can be purchased at the Centre’s physical ticket office and through its website. They are subject to the general conditions stipulated on

The Hortensia Herrero Foundation reserves the right to require visitors who have purchased a free or reduced-price ticket to provide proof of their eligibility.

The ticket must be retained for the duration of the visit and can only be used on the date and at the time indicated on the ticket.

No returns or exchanges are permitted.

No re-entry or re-entry will be permitted once the visitor has left the CAHH.

The Foundation reserves the right to permit or refuse admission and may deny access to the CAHH to the holder of a ticket that has not been purchased at the official point of sale.

The Foundation is not responsible for the loss or theft of visitors’ belongings during their visit to the CAHH.

For any questions or queries, please contact us by email at



The opening hours of the Art Centre can be consulted both on its website and at the ticket office located at calle del Mar núm. 22, bajo-derecha.


The ticket office will remain open until 30 minutes before the Centre closes.


The Centre may not be entered barefoot, bare-chested or wearing a swimming costume.


Visitors are not permitted to enter the building with objects or substances that could pose a risk to the integrity of persons or the Centre’s property (as determined by the security staff).

Access to the Centre will be denied to persons who are obviously intoxicated or who show signs of being under the influence of drugs.


The CAHH recommends the purchase of tickets in advance, in order to ensure access to the Centre at the chosen time and to avoid queues.


To ensure the safety of the works of art, it will not be possible to enter the Centre with bags larger than 30 x 30cm, backpacks, umbrellas or motorbike helmets. Lockers are available free of charge to visitors to the Centre for the storage of their personal belongings, which may not exceed the following dimensions: 50 x 30 x 50cm. Visitors must use the lockers with suitable care and must not deposit any item that may degrade or deteriorate, or any illegal object or substance. In the event that the Centre becomes aware of this, it will contact the competent authorities, with the user being solely responsible and the Foundation being expressly exempted from any liability. At the end of the visit, visitors will empty the locker and leave behind the corresponding key. In case of loss of the key, visitors undertake to inform the Centre’s staff as soon as they become aware of the loss. Forgotten objects will be kept at the Centre for 3 months.


Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Adults accompanying children will be responsible for the behaviour of the children they are accompanying at all times.


For the safety of the exhibits and visitors, access to the Centre is restricted to assistance dogs.


Pictures may be taken inside the Centre for private use, except with flash, tripod or selfie sticks.

The authorisation to photograph or film does not apply to images of other visitors. Their express consent must be obtained before they can be photographed or filmed.

Press photographers, please contact the CAHH Press Department at the following email address:


Drawing is permitted inside the galleries in a notebook no larger than A4, using graphite pencils or coloured pencils.


Please keep mobile phones on silent while visiting the Centre to avoid disturbing the other visitors.


In order to protect and conserve the works of art, visitors are not permitted to touch them, except where expressly indicated to the contrary. The prescribed safety distance must, therefore, be maintained at all times.


To avoid accidents and disturbance to other visitors, no shouting or running is permitted in the galleries.

The instructions given by the gallery staff must be followed at all times. They can be consulted on any questions visitors may have.


Drinks, food and chewing gum may not be consumed inside the Centre, except in the rest area set aside for this purpose.

As it is a no smoking space, smoking is not allowed inside the building.


The space must be kept clean; there are litter bins provided for this purpose along the route.