Cristina Iglesias

Tránsito mineral


Jesmonite with powdered marble, mirror-polished stainless steel and amber light
291 x 990 x 291 cm

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Cristina Iglesias is one of the six artists who has created a site-specific work for the Hortensia Herrero Art Center. In Tránsito Mineral, Iglesias utilized a passageway linking the two buildings of the art centre, in which for the first time she used a light-coloured material as opposed to her usual green plant walls. Visitors who enter this passage come across a series of mirrors which multiply its depth and in which they can see their image reflected, leading them to isolate ourselves and forget that they are right in the centre of the city. The point is that Cristina’s installations are not aggressive, but welcoming, and invite us to enter them and explore both the work and ourselves in depth. In the artist’s own words: “This piece presents a dreamlike world, very close to science fiction in its physical appearance, with elements that have a stony texture and appearances of organisms that you don’t quite recognise, and then all this world of reflections, of mirrors, places where you can’t enter and others where you can. I hope viewers will feel they are in another world, that this passage from one place to another will be a passage into a special, dreamlike world, and that it can remind you in turn of things you have seen in nature.”

Cristina Iglesias