The Hortensia Herrero Art Centre begins the last phase of the works on the Valeriola palace

The Hortensia Herrero Art Centre is starting the last phase of the renovation work on the old Valeriola palace, which is undergoing a complete refurbishment with the aim of converting it into a new space dedicated to contemporary art in Valencia. The city council has given the green light for the third and final phase of the project, which will be completed in 2023 when the centre opens its doors to the public.

Upcoming project milestones

The upcoming project milestones include the restoration of the building’s former chapel, which will be maintained and adapted as another exhibition space for the future Hortensia Herrero Art Centre. The remaining tasks in the last phase will also focus on the external restoration of the palace façade, which is built of brickwork on a base of ashlars as a plinth, the reconstruction of the courtyard staircase and the restoration of the attic and the main hall, which will be returned to its original 17th century glory.


The design for the restoration of the historic building includes the creation of an outdoor garden area with native and Mediterranean plants, as well as the creation of a room located under the main courtyard, where the public will be able to admire the remains of Valencia’s ancient 3rd-century Roman circus, which was rediscovered during the archaeological excavations.


The project includes the refurbishment of the building on calle San Cristóbal, where the original façade has been maintained and a new four-storey building has been built, connected to the main building by a large walkway.

Transformation of the Valeriola Palace

The works, which began in 2018 under the direction of the ERRE arquitectura architectural practice, are progressing on schedule. Once the initial stages of the work have been completed, which consisted of removing unwanted elements, repairing the foundations and erecting structures, the work will continue with special partitioning, electrical and air-conditioning installations, restoration and facings, before the finishing touches and the installation of furniture and equipment are carried out.


Once refurbished, the historic Valencian palace will be converted into a complex with a surface area of almost 4,000 m2 and four levels that will be open to the public. In addition to recovering an important element of the city’s architectural heritage, the transformation of the space will also allow the public to enjoy Hortensia Herrero’s private art collection and temporary exhibitions showcasing nationally and internationally renowned artists. In addition, there will be a wide range of cultural events, as well as conferences and various activities promoted by the Hortensia Herrero Foundation itself</a>.


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